woensdag 22 september 2010

Media exposure 004

Pages 22-23 of the newspaper "Tubantia / Twentsche Courant",
Sept. 17th, 2010. Article about the opening of the exhibition
"Ladies behind crystal veil".
The headline says "The world seen through coke bottles".

Models shown on the photo are (left to right):

Nanda in Michael Selcott glasses, Rx -2
Irma in Pro Design glasses, Rx -1
Mieke in late 1950's Minerva glasses, Rx -5
Nel (with hat, partially hidden) in blended myodiscs, Rx -12
Hiska (front) in the Snowy Princess glasses, Rx -25,
Brigitta (behind Nel) in Donna glasses, Rx -3
Astrid in Galaxi Stardust glasses, Rx -2
Carla (behind Astrid) in Flair Lentilux myodiscs, Rx -14 and
Mirjam in Francois Pintin glasses, Rx -1

Mirjam kindly subbed for Gita & Marleen - both would have
loved to participate but alas, in Holland universities get stricter
by the day and they could not afford to miss their lectures

Media exposure 003

Detail from the front page of the newspaper "Tubantia / Twentsche
Courant", Sept. 17th, 2010.

The models are, left to right:
Carla, in 1975 Piave glasses
Hiska, in late 1950's cat eye glasses
Nel, in Christian Olivier "Formlenti" myodiscs

Hiska holds another pair of myodiscs (Rx -25.00) in her right hand.
These were called the "Snowy Princess" by SGS from China who
supplied them to me, a few months ago. Hiska can be seen wearing
these glasses near the end of her photo shoot and also in the up
coming video registration of the opening and the catwalk.

The glasses between the newspaper photographer and the ladies
are the early 1990's Flair blended myodiscs (-14) in which most
of my models posed. Carla used them to great effect during the
second part of the catwalk

Medis exposure 002

The exposition "Ladies behind crystal veil" on the
front page of the popular newspaper "Tubantia /
Twentsche Courant", Sept. 17th, 2010

Media exposure 001

UT-Nieuws (weekly newspaper, University of Twente),
Sept. 9th, 2010

Opening exhibition 011

A lovely triology of model Tineke: in 1910, in 1980 and in 2010

Photo: Sylvia Kampherbeek

maandag 20 september 2010

Opening exhibition 010

More catwalk models, more flowers.... Left to right:
Astrid in Flair Jet Set glasses
Brigitta in 1972 Neostyle glasses
Carla in late 1970's Da Vinci glasses
Nel in early 1980's Silhouette glasses
Irma in late 1950's cat eye glasses
Farishta in early 1990's Silhouette varifocals
Mieke in 1962 Nylor glasses
Hiska in nameless early 1960's glasses
Nanda in nameless giant 1980's glasses
Mirjam in 1990's Francois Pintin glasses

Photo: Hanna Lange

Opening exhibition 009

After the catwalk - flowers for my beautiful models. Left to right:
Brigitta in 1972 Neostyle (Rotary) glasses
Carla in late 1970's Da Vinci glasses
Irma in late 1950's cateye glasses
Farishta in early 1990's Silhouette varifocals
Mieke in 1962 Nylor glasses
Hiska in early 1960's glasses

Photo: Hanna Lange

Opening exhibition 008

Over 60 people attended the opening of the exhibition. Model
Rachel can be seen in the front row (middle)
Photo: Hanna Lange

Opening exhibition 007

Cat walk, second part: Nel in hat and Brigitta in Nouvelle Ligne
glasses, dancing the salsa
Photo: Hanna Lange

Opening exhibition 006

Astrid in hat and late 1960's Bausch & Lomb glasses
Photo: Hanna Lange

vrijdag 17 september 2010

Opening exhibition 005

Stunning Carla during the second part of the catwalk.
Glasses: Flair Lentilux myodiscs, Rx -14, some
eleven diopters above her own Rx, and no, she
did not use GOC. Instead, Carla did this part of
the catwalk on five inch stiletto heels, radar and
self confidence. Great!
Photo taken by Sylvia Kampherbeek

Opening exhibition 004

Stunning Carla at the very start of the cat walk

Glasses: Christian Dior, 1980's, recently supplied
by Apollo Optik, Rosenheim, Germany
[L: -3.00 / R: -3.25 / var add 1.00]

Photo taken by Sylvia Kampherbeek

Opening exhibition 003

Applause for Astrid during the second part of the catwalk.
Glasses: her favourite Bausch & Lomb bifocals, late 1960's
Photo taken by Sylvia Kampherbeek

Opening exhibition 002

Another beautiful Astrid in Flair Jet Set glasses and the hat
she used during her first photo shoot
Photo taken by Sylvia Kampherbeek

Opening exhibition 001

Astrid just after doing the third and final part of
the catwalk at the opening of the exhibition "Ladies
behind crystal veil", Enschede, The Netherlands,
Sept. 16th, 2010.

Glasses: Flair (Jet Set)
[L: -0.25; c-1.75 o / R: -1.25; c-2.25 o]

Photo taken by Sylvia Kampherbeek

zondag 12 september 2010

Marleen 273

Glasses: myodiscs called "Snowy Princess",
supplied by SGS from China [L=R: -25.00]

This somewhat enigmatic portrait of Marleen in
myodics without anti-reflective coating concludes
her third photo shoot.

I wish to thank you, Marleen, for your time, patience
and modeling talent during this remarkable photo
shoot in strong and even extreme glasses. Not every
model is given to produce a natural look when posing
in myodiscs. You succeeded in a marvellous way.
Much appreciated!
Mile fáilthe at the opening of the exhibition....

Marleen 272

Another striking portrait of Marleen in the strongest
glasses in my collection - minus 27. Big compliment
for the excellent modeling, Marleen!

Marleen 271

The Blondie hit "Heart of glass" springs to mind
when looking at this portrait of Marleen. To me,
glasses like this produce an ambivalent feeling.
Anyway, thank you so much, Marleen, for your
great role in the experiment!

Marleen 270

Glasses: Feizai, 2010
[L=R: -27.00]

Marleen 269

Marleen posing in Xinchaoliu myodiscs, Rx -24.
When she arrived for this photo shoot, I had
some forty glasses in a box waiting for her. Our
time was limited so she took out the glasses at
random and I did my work as her photographer.
When looking back at the results, I decided to
show the glasses according to dioptric strength.
I asked myself the same question that came up
when seeing the great website of Alain from Paris
(High Myopic Girls) for the first time: where do
esthetics end, where do other factors take over?
All I can say is that I have not found the answer
yet. Thanks to SGS for supplying the glasses. It was
a big surprise that they have no anti-reflective
coating. The frame is modern but the lenses bring
back memories of my childhood. Confusion created
by fusion....

Marleen 268

Glasses: Xinchaoliu, China, 2010
[L=R: -24.00]

Marleen 267

Another great portrait of Marleen in Depai
myodiscs, Rx -22

Marleen 266

Glasses supplied by SGS often have something
unusual and surprising about them and these
Depai myodiscs are no exception. Several of my
models preceded Marleen posing in them and the
results are always satisfactory, to say the least.
The frosted lenses create a tunnel effect, focussing
the attention towards the model's eyes - and isn't
that what eyeware design is all about?

Marleen 265

SGS from China supplied these remarkable
myodiscs with frosted lenses

Marleen 264

Glasses: Depai, 2010
[L=R: -22.00]

Marleen 263

Extreme glasses - yes, but wonderful, natural
posing in them right till the end. Marleen, you
surpassed your good self during this third
photo shoot....

Marleen 262

These orange glasses, supplied by SGS from China,
were used when watching the world championship
(football) in South Africa. They came handy if one
wished to obscure his or her view from afwul fouls
from our side - or goals from the opposite party :)

Marleen 261

Marleen posing in orange glasses, supplied by SGS
from China. In spite of their extreme Rx (-23), the
glasses are no myodics. The frame is so small that
there is no need for myodiscs. The rather unusual
extensions of the front towards the arms hide the
half inch thickness of the lenses effectively

Marleen 260

Glasses: nameless, from China, 2010
[L=R: -23.00]

Marleen 259

One of the pleasures of working with Marleen is
her consistency in posing, regardless of the frame
or lens choice. That's what good modeling is about

Marleen 258

Glasses: nameless myodiscs, 2010, from China
[L=R: -19.00]

Marleen 257

This wonderful portrait of Marleen concludes
the section about Lentilux glasses in her third
photo shoot

Marleen 256

Marleen posing in the most discrete Lentilux
glasses in my collection

Marleen 255

Marleen in 1990's Lentilux myodiscs by Nigura,
showing the characteristic "half moon" effect

Marleen 254

The "half moon" between bowl and surrounding
carrier lens is a charcteristic feature in Lentilux
glasses. However, this portrait of Marleen in
Nigura myodiscs provides an image I had never
seen before. Seen "en face", Lentilux shows no
cut in or power rings, and even the half moon
remains invisible until the model moves her head
a couple of degrees sidewards. Here are two half
moons. The effect must be created by an unusual
combination of the model's face dimensions and
the PD of the first owner of the glasses

Marleen 253

Marleen posing in a lovely melancholic manner
in the last of four Lentilux glasses from Germany

Marleen 252

Glasses: Nigura, 1990's
[L: -19.00 / R: -18.00]

Marleen 251

Marleen in Lentilux glasses, showing the partial
"cut in"effect created by the gradual transition
from the central bowl (-19) to the surrounding
positive carrier lens. Hat off for her beautiful, yet
patient way of modeling!

Marleen 250

A beautiful, natural portrait of Marleen posing in
Lentilux glasses, Rx -16 / -19.

Marleen 249

From this angle, the partial "cut in" effect is
about to close and display the "half moon"

Marleen 248

Here the carrier lens closes around the bowl,
producing the tiny "half moon" image of the
model's hair and the tree in the background,
surrounded by the model's skin. Surrealistic
but intriguing!

Marleen 247

Another portrait of Marleen showing the most
flattering angle for photography in Lentilux
glasses. The minification of the eyes is about
one third. The frame of the glasses focuses the
attention on the eyes, but at the same time the
lips and teeth are accentuated for balance

Marleen 246

A stunning portrait of Marleen in 1990's Lentilux
glasses, Rx -16 / -19. This is what their first owner
saw when she looked in the mirror. I can't remember
ever seeing promotion material for Lentilux glasses.
A pity! If this portrait had been available at the time,
Lentilux might have gained more popularity among
high myopes

Marleen 245

Marleen moves her head ever so slightly to the
left, showing the characteristic "half moon"

Marleen 244

Another striking portrait of Marleen in Lentilux
glasses. No power rings and a vertically reduced
"cut in" effect

Marleen 243

Marleen did a great job posing in these Lentilux
glasses. All the features characteristic for this now
virtually extinct lens type are demonstrated in
only eleven portraits. Note the way the image of
the right eye is influenced by the transition between
bowl and carrier lens. I suppose well chosen make up
could produce a similar effect - but not the subtle
changes at every slight motion of the head!

Marleen 242

Marleen posing in 1990's myodiscs from Germany.
The same glasses can be seen in a recent television
programme (RTV Oost, "En dan nog even dit!", Sept. 1st)
where interviewer Carrie ten Napel put them on. Carrie
commented that all she saw was a blur, but she allowed
me to give her instructions to move her head ever so
slowly from left to right, showing the intricacies of
Lentilux lenses. Earlier that day, this photo shoot with
Marleen took place and the sequence in this and the next
portraits was the example of my instructions for Carrie
during the talk show on television

Marleen 241

Glasses: nameless Lentilux, early 1990's
[L: -16.25 / R: -17.25; c-2.00 o]

Marleen 240

A good thing about the mainstream design of
these 1990's glasses is that the frame distracts
the attention from the high Rx (-15 / -13). The
glasses look strong but not extreme

Marleen 239

For several decades, Menrad have designed and
manufactured everyday glasses for a clientele
wishing to avoid eccentricity