dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

Exhibition 041 - Nanda 2

Glasses: Trend Italy, 1990's brown cat eye (Lentilux)
[L: -16.00; c-1.50 o / R: -16.00]

This striking portrait of Nanda and the preceding
39 portraits are remastered versions of earlier
postings on this weblog. Most of these portraits,
along with one new portrait of Nel, will be shown at
my exhibition "Ladies behind crystal veil".

Opening of the exhibition will take place on
September 16th, at 16.00,
De Vrijhof, Universiteit Twente, Enschede, Holland.

Seven or more of my models will do a catwalk, wearing
some of the finest glasses used during their photo shoots

Exhibition 040 - Nanda 1

Glasses: Zenni 2286
[L=R: -8.00]

Nanda kindly agreed to participate in the catwalk
during the opening of the exhibition. Needless to
say, she will wear glasses near her own prescription
during the catwalk - for safety reasons!

Exhibition 039 - Marleen 2

Glasses: Da Vinci, 1980's
[L: -5.00; c-5.00 h / R: -2.25; c-3.00 h]

After seeing the results of her photo shoots,
Marleen called these Da Vinci glasses her

Exhibition 038 - Marleen 1

Glasses: Da Vinci
[L: -5.00; c-5.00 h / R: -2.25; c-3.00 h]

Exhibition 037 - Charlotte 3

Glasses: nameless, (neo) early 1960's cat eye
[L: +5.00; c+2.00 o / R: +5.00; c+0.50 o / bif c add 2.50]

This portrait was one of Charlotte's favourites, so
I included it for the exhibition, along with a great
"en profil" portrait in modern Zenni glasses

Exhibition 035 - Charlotte 1

Glasses: Zenni 3857
[L=R: -8.00]

Exhibition 034 - Tineke 2

Glasses: Vinovorm, 1990's
[L: -3.00; c-1.00 v / R: -4.00; c-0.50 v]

After her photo shoot, Tineke sent me a shortlist
of her favourite portraits. I chose this portrait
with the Vinovorm glasses and the pince nez for
the exhibition

Exhibition 033 - Tineke 1

Glasses: pince nez, early 20th century
[L=R: -2.50]

Exhibition 032 - Caroline 2

Glasses: Metzler, circa 1966
[L: -6.50 / R: -6.75]

Exhibition 031 - Caroline 1

Glasses: Barbudo, early 1990's
[L: -6.00; c-3.00 v / R: -6.00]

Exhibition 030 - Lettie 2

Glasses: GC, 1974 or 1975
[L=R: -4.00]

Lettie is another model who kindly sent me a short
list, containing her half dozen favourites from her
photo shoot. I was delighted to read that this "time
capsule" portrait in mid 1970's GC glasses was on
her shortlist!

Exhibition 029 - Lettie 1

Glasses: Silhouette, early 1980's
[L: -3.00; c-1.50 v / R: -2.50; c-1.50 v]

It's a great pity that the opening of the exhibition
will take place when some of my models (including
Lettie) are abroad or unable to attend the event
because of their work. However, the majority of
my models will attend the opening. Lettie will do
another photo shoot after the exhibition and she
said that she'd enjoy doing a catwalk if another
occasion arises in the future. Great!

Exhibition 028 - Margriet 2

Glasses: Nouvelle Ligne
[L: -2.50 / R: -3.00]

Exhibition 027 - Margriet 1

Glasses: Zenni 3310 (myodiscs)
[L: -19.25 / R: -19.75]

Exhibition 026 - Mieke 2

Glasses: Minerva, late 1950's cat eye
[L=R: -5.00]

During her photo shoot, Mieke said she prefers
glasses from the cat eye era, so this portrait in
pearls and beautiful Minerva glasses was chosen
for the exhibition - and probably for the catwalk
as well. An excellent choice!

Exhibition 025 - Mieke 1

Glasses: Metzler, late 1950's
[L=R: -6.00]

Exhibition 024 - Hiska 2

Glasses: nameless, early 1960's
[L=R: +1.25]

Exhibition 023 - Hiska 1

Glasses: "Snowy Princess" (myodiscs)
[L=R: -25.00]

Exhibition 022 - Conny 2

Glasses: nameless, 1965 or 1966 (made of wood)
[L: -6.50; c-1.50 o / R: -7.50; c-1.00 h]

Exhibition 021 - Conny 1

Glasses: Zenni
[L=R: -8.00]

Exhibition 020 - Gita 2

Glasses: nameless, 1980's
[L: -2.25; c-1.25 h / R: -2.50; c-1.00 h]

Exhibition 019 - Gita 1

Glasses: Pierre Cardin, 1970's
[L=R: -7.50]

Exhibition 018 - Elena 2

Glasses: Christian Olivier (Formlenti myodiscs)
[L: -8.50; c-1.50 v / R: -10.00; c-1.50 v]

Exhibition 017 - Elena 1

Glasses: Chris Verley, 1990's
[L: -3.25; c-1.50 o / R: -7.50; c-1.50 o / var add 1.50]

Exhibition 016 - Farishta 2

Glasses: Luxotica, 1990's
[L: -7.00; c-2.50 v / R: -9.00; c-2.50 v]

After her second photo shoot, Farishta mentioned
this portrait in Luxotica glasses as being one of her
favourites, so I selected it for the exhibition, along
with the next portrait in 1970's Lozza glasses.
Farishta is one of my models who will participate in
the catwalk. Great!

Exhibition 015 - Farishta 1

Glasses: Lozza (Tonura), mid 1970's
[L: -11.50 / R: -8.00; c-2.50 o]

Exhibition 014 - Astrid 2

Glasses: Bausch & Lomb, (neo?) 1960's
[L=R: +1.25 / bif add 1.75]

Astrid did four photo shoots, each with wonderful
results, but she always maintained that her portraits
in these Bausch & Lomb bifocals were her favourites.
Needless to say, they will be part of the exhibition!

Exhibition 013 - Astrid 1

Glasses: Bausch & Lomb, (neo?) 1960's
[L=R: +1.25 / bif add 1.75]

Astrid kindly agreed to participate in the catwalk
during the opening of the exhibition

Exhibition 012 - Rachel 2

Glasses: Nina Ricci, late 1980's / early 1990's
[L=R: -4.25; c-0.50 h / var add 1.25]

Exhibition 011 - Rachel 1

Glasses: Rodenstock, 1980's
[L: -10.00; c-1.00 o / R: -9.25; c-1.25 o / bif add 2.25]

Exhibition 010 - Carla 2

Glasses: Licefat, late 1950's / early 1960's
[L: 0; c-2.00 v / R: 0; c-2.50 v]

I was delighted when Carla agreed to participate
in the catwalk during the opening of the exhibition!

Exhibition 009 - Carla 1

Glasses: Zenni 3857
[L=R: -8.00]

Another word of thanks to Carla for suggesting
that I should have an exhibition with the "Ladies
behind crystal veil" project!

Exhibition 008 - Clarine 2

Glasses: Pro Design
[L: -5.25 / R: -5.50]

Exhibition 007 - Clarine 1

Glasses: Christian Dior, 1980's
[L: -5.50; c-0.50 v / R: -6.00; c-0.50 v]

Exhibition 006 - Brigitta 2

Glasses: Atrio, 1980's
[L: -4.50 / R: -3.50]

Brigitta is yet another model who kindly agreed
to participate in the catwalk. Much appreciated!

Exhibition 005 - Brigitta 1

Glasses: Zenni
[L=R: -8.00]

Exhibition 004 - Irma 2

Glasses: Zenni
[L=R: -8.00]

Irma will participate in the catwalk as well - but
not in these beautiful Zenni glasses. Their Rx is
seven to eight diopters off....

Exhibition 003 - Irma 1

Glasses: nameless, from Sandra the Great
[L=R: -21.00]

Exhibition 002 - Nel 2

Glasses: Silhouette 1413, made in 1994
[L: -8.00; c-1.00 h / R: -7.50; c-1.00 h / var add 1.75]

This portrait was Nel's favourite after her first photo
shoot. Needless to say, it will be included in the exhibition.

Last year, after doing another photo shoot with Nel,
it dawned to me that she could only cover a small part of
my collection and it would be handy to look for models
with a different Rx. When I discussed this with Nel,
she started suggesting candidates and then the ball started
After doing a couple of photo shoots, I started this weblog,
working away for myself quietly. After a few months, the
weblog was discovered by Martin from Köln who also supplied
me with some excellent hig Rx glasses. More international
reactions followed, and it developed into a dedicated - and
much appreciated - peer group.
Some time after her own superb photo shoot, Carla suggested
the option of an exhibition to me. This was something I had
not considered at all - but then again, why not?
Shortly after the arrangements for the exhibition were made,
Nel suggested that the opening would be much more of an
event if a catwalk was included. Nel was also the first model
who volunteered to participate in the catwalk. Hiska was all
go for it when I suggested the catwalk to her and soon I had
no less than seven volunteers for the catwalk.
I felt grateful
for the generosity of my "Ladies behind crystal veil" and I
still feel that way. The project has grown steadily, not only
under my own hands, but also under my models' hands.
Thanks to each and every one of you, ladies!

But it all really started with my own partner, Nel. Thank you,
my dear Nel, for your continuous support during all the
subsequent phases of the project!

Exhibition 001 - Nel 1

Glasses: Zenni 2294
Reading segments: Stickonlens
[L: -10.25; c-0.75 v / R: -10.50; c-1.50 v / bif add 2.50]

This stunning portrait of Nel is a preview of a photo
shoot that we did on July 4th. The photo shoot will be
posted after the opening of the "Ladies behind crystal
veil" exhibition which will take place at 16.00 on
September 16th, Vrijhof, University of Twente, Enschede,
The Netherlands. Nel will do another photo shoot next

Nel will participate in the catwalk during the opening
of the exhibition and we selected a couple of beautiful
myodisc glasses (a Formlenti and a Lentilux, both quite
close to her own Rx) for her to wear during the catwalk.

Many of my models have posed in myodiscs near the
end of their photo shoots, often with marvellous results.
But it would require a GOC experiment if they had to
do the cat walk in myodiscs. Instead, some models
will pose in myodiscs in a standing position during
the event. A video of the catwalk will be posted on the
internet for those who can't attend the opening.