zondag 31 oktober 2010

Nel 130

Glasses: Nigura, early 1990's
[L: -10.00; c-1.00 h / R: -8.00; c-1.00 h / bif add 2.50]

Nel 129

A nice quality of these Neostyle sunglasses
is that the eyes are not really hidden. I prefer
sunglasses that way

Nel 128

Nel has been my beacon and reference throughout
the "Ladies behind Crystal Veil" project. I like
working with new models but a photo shoot with
my partner always has a special feeling to it. Great!

Nel 127

These Neostyle sunglasses have thick plastic
lenses, sticking out at the back of the frame

Nel 126

Nel is a very lively, expressive lady and there
are hardly any instructions needed during her
photo shoots

Nel 125

These Neostyle sunglasses are some three
diopters below the appropriate Rx

Nel 124

Glasses: Neostyle (Flower)
[L: -8.50 / R: -7.00]

Nel 123

Hi dear!

Nel 122

Nel and I did four photo shoots during the summer
and early autumn. This weblog really started with
her and I thought it appropriate to finish the weblog
with Nel as well

Nel 121

I don't really collect sunglasses but somehow
a shoe box with prescription sunglasses was
filled over the years, so why not use them for
variety's sake?

Nel 120

Glasses: nameless, mid 1980's
[L: -9.00 / R: -6.25]

Nel 119

Another mystery woman portrait of Nel in 1970's
blended myodisc sunglasses, Rx -15, some four
diopters above her own Rx. Note the irregular
"cut in" effect particular to Lentilux lenses

Nel 118

These blended myodisc sunglasses by Julian
were another welcome find at the shores of Lake

Nel 117

Glasses: Julian, Lentilux, probably 1970's
[L: -14.00; c-2.00 h / R: -13.00; c-2.00 h]

Nel 116

The plastic bridge of these 1950's Morel sunglasses
was broken and repaired when I got them so Nel
handled them with great care

Nel 115

Nel in vintage 1950's Morel sunglasses, some
two diopters below her own Rx.

Nel 114

These vintage cat eye Morel sunglasses were
acquired for a few coppers in a charity shop

Nel 113

Glasses: Morel (Orphee), late 1950's
[L: -10.00 / R: -9.00]

Nel 112

If only the -1.50 cylinders in the lenses had been
vertical (close to 0 - or 180 degrees if you wish -)
instead of horizontal (90 degrees), Nel would have
enjoyed perfect eyesight through these sunglasses.
However, the Rx was near enough to use the glasses
for this photo shoot

Nel 111

Nel in Marwitz sunglasses, acquired at the shores
of Lake Geneva, some ten years back

Nel 110

The "Ladies behind Crystal Veil" project started
with my partner Nel. Her first photo shoots can
be seen at the very beginning of this weblog. It
takes some ten minutes of scrolling as the weblog
is nearly full....

Nel 109

Glasses: Marwitz
[L: -10.50; c-1.50 h / R: -9.50; c-1.50 h]

vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

Exhibition 011

Left to right: Nel, Petra and Nanda.

Location: De Spiegel, University of Twente, The Netherlands.
This new exhibition can be seen until November 4th (not during
the weekend), from 8.00 till 18.00.

The photo shoot with Petra enabled me to include two favourite
pairs of myodiscs at the exhibition. They were not selected for
the first exhibition and as Petra could see fairly well through the
minus 14 lenses, her portraits came out in a beautiful, natural way.
The Rx of the glasses is on a slip of paper just in front of the glasses

Exhibition 010

Left to right: Nel, Petra, Nanda

There was just enough room at the new exhibition to include
one more model. Petra and I only met near the end of the first
exhibition and her portraits were ready just in time for the
present exhibition. As the left portrait of Nel shows her in her
spare glasses, I added the same Zenni glasses in a lower Rx and
a transparant instead of burgundy frame

Exhibition 009

It was a pleasant surprise when I was invited to extend the
exhibition with another four weeks in a different building at
the university. Here was room for the portraits, the glasses
used in the portraits - plus a selection from the many positive
reactions on my beautiful models and the weblog in general.
A word of thanks to Tessa who arranges the expositions at
the university in a professional, precise yet pleasant way.

Left to right: Elena, Rachel, Gita

Exhibition 008

Taken a few days before the opening of the exhibition, when
Nel and I brought the long red carpet for the catwalk.
Location: De Vrijhof, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Exhibition 007

Left to right: Hiska, Elena, Nel, Gita

Exhibition 006

Left to right: Lettie, Astrid, Carla

Exhibition 005

Left to right: Lettie, Astrid, Carla

Exhibition 004

Right to left: Caroline, Clarine, Tineke, Irma, Farishta, Marleen

Exhibition 003

Left to right: Margriet, Nanda, Conny, Charlotte, Marleen

Exhibition 002

Left to right: Hiska, Elena, Nel

Exhibition 001

Left to right: Mieke, Rachel, Brigitta

woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Petra 344

"Once, twice, three times a lady" - behind Crystal
Veil of course, but my song was not written yet
when the Commodores had their massive hit in
the 1970's- is an appropriate qualification for this
final picture and in fact, for this entire photo shoot.

Petra, you did a superb job as a model and I enjoyed
working with you! You mentioned the location in the
park and it certainly added much to the atmosphere
of your photo shoot. However, what struck me most
was your self conscious, consistent, natural way of
posing throughout the afternoon. I asked you towards
the end, "how on earth do you achieve such a natural
effect all the time?" and your answer was simple but
convincing: "I was a high myope from early childhood
and as a result, I was used to look people straight into
the eyes, whether I saw them or not". Still, hat off....

Being a singer-songwriter myself, all I can think of as my
note of adieu is the opening line from the Commodores song:
"Thanks for the time you have given me!"

Petra 343

For the finale grandioso of her great photo shoot
I asked Petra to take off the Snowy Princess
myodiscs and move them ever so slowly towards
the camera

Petra 342

Another extreme portrait of Petra in "Snowy
Princess" myodiscs (Rx -25) supplied by SGS.
If all goes well, the video registration of the
opening of my exhibition "Ladies behind Crystal
Veil" will be available within a few weeks and the
Snowy Princess myodiscs will be featured there....

Petra 341

Tiny eyes - the minification is 50% at a Rx of
-25. As a result, the model's lips seem magnified
in this rather extreme portrait. Note the images
produced by the positive carrier lenses that take
almost as much surface in the huge frame as the

Petra 340

Petra posing in the Snowy Princess myodiscs,
the last of nearly sixty glasses used in her three
hours photo shoot. A model with stamina!

Petra 339

Petra in giant myodiscs, supplied by SGS from
China. Note the double image of the left eye, in
the bowl (-25) and in the surrounding positive
carrier lens

Petra 338

Glasses: myodiscs called the "Snowy Princess"
[L=R: -25.00]

Petra 337

The navigation process required when the model
is wearing glasses with a Rx some ten diopters
above her own Rx is always fun. "Where in this
massive blur is the face of my photographer?"

Actually, Petra displayed a remarkable ability to
change glasses. We had nearly sixty pairs with us
and they laid on the grass by her feet. She always
picked out the next pair correctly. A high myope
with a unique sense of radar....

Petra 336

Another fine portrait of Petra in Xinchaoliu
myodiscs, Rx -24, by SGS

Petra 335

Petra in Xinchaoliu myodiscs, some ten diopters
above her own Rx. Everything is relative!

Petra 334

The absence of anti-reflective coating on the
lenses gives a nostalgic touch to these portraits
of Petra in modern myodiscs supplied by SGS
from China

Petra 333

Glasses: Xinchaoliu (myodiscs)
[L=R: -24.00]

Petra 332

Another striking portrait of Petra in Feizai
myodiscs by SGS, Rx -21

Petra 331

These huge black myodiscs were supplied by
SGS from China. Both frame and lenses make
their presence felt on any model's face.

Their even stronger (-27, if you please) purple
twin sister was recently tried by international
football referee Bas Nijhuis in a television
programme about my exposition. The glasses
can also be seen at the very end of my recent
photo shoot with Marleen

Petra 330

Glasses: Feizai (myodiscs)
[L=R: -21.00]

Petra 329

A great portrait of Petra in Depai myodiscs

Petra 328

SGS (Steve's Glasses Shop) from China supplied
these beautiful myodiscs with frosted lenses