woensdag 28 april 2010

Caroline 197

This lovely portrait of Caroline in Zenni glasses, Rx -8,
concludes her photo shoot.

I wish to thank Caroline for her fine modeling during her
photo shoot which lasted nearly three hours. Likewise
- you don't see him but he played an important role -
I wish to thank Fred for his assistance and good company
during the photo shoot. The warmth and many spontaneous
moments captured during this photo shoot were in fact
the results of interaction within this wonderful couple.
Their choice for the park was a good one. It added to the
general atmosphere of many portraits.

Caroline 196

Caroline 195

Caroline 194

Caroline 193

Caroline 192

I never make portraits under this over "en profil"
angle, but the double arms of the frame combined
with the Rx -8.00 of the lens seemed call for it, so
why not? The "come hither" aspect of glasses for
myopia is well illustrated and the glasses were
designed with this effect in mind.

Caroline 191

Caroline 190

Caroline 189

Caroline 188

Caroline 187

Glasses: Zenni 3390
[L=R: -8.00]

Caroline 186

Caroline 185

Caroline 184

Caroline 183

Caroline 182

Caroline 181

Caroline 180

Caroline 179

Glasses: Zenni 3857
[L=R: -8.00]

Caroline 178

Caroline 177

Caroline 176

Caroline 175

Caroline 174

Glasses: Zenni 3391
[L=R: -8.00]

Caroline 173

Caroline 172

Caroline 171

Glasses: Zenni 3385
[L=R: -8.00]

Caroline 170

Caroline 169

Caroline 168

Glasses: Zenni 3614
[L=R: -8.00]

Caroline 167

Caroline 166

Caroline 165

Glasses: Zenni
[L=R: -8.00]

Caroline 164

Glasses: Zenni 2351
[L=R: -8.00]

Caroline 163

Glasses: Zenni 3853, with floating lenses
[L=R: -8.00]

dinsdag 27 april 2010

Caroline 162

Another beautiful portrait of Caroline in modern
Zenni glasses, Rx -8

Caroline 161

The frame of these glasses is the same as the
frame of the last myodiscs shown by Caroline.
The "back to normal" effect is striking!

Caroline 160

Glasses: Zenni 3310
[L=R: -8.00]

Caroline 159

The final portrait of Caroline in Zenni myodiscs....

Caroline 158

This beautiful Zenni frame serves as a bridge between
this part of the photo shoot with Caroline in myodiscs
and the final part in modern glasses only slightly above
the model's own Rx. The same bridge was used to great
effect in my previous photo shoot with Elena.

Caroline 157

Another fine portrait of Caroline in modern Zenni
myodiscs, Rx -19

Caroline 156

Glasses: Zenni 3310
[L: -19.25 / R: -19.75]

Caroline 155

A great double portrait of Caroline behind Depai myodiscs
with frosted lenses, Rx -22.

Caroline 154

Another fine portrait of Caroline in Depai myodiscs with
frosted lenses, Rx -22. Thank you so much, Caroline, for
posing in these extreme glasses!

Caroline 153

During the final part of her photo shoot, Caroline chose
a standing position and Fred volunteered to serve as a
beacon for her. Great team work!

Caroline 152

Another fine portrait of Caroline in minus 22 myodiscs
with frosted lenses. These striking glasses were recently
supplied by Jitaguigongzi from China.

Caroline 151

A lovely portrait of Caroline in Depai myodiscs, Rx -22.
Unlike Lentilux, myodiscs with frosted lenses do not
attempt to hide teir owner's extreme myopia. The view
is directed towards the model's eyes.

Caroline 150

Glasses: Depai, modern "frosted lens" myodiscs
[L=R: -22.00]

Caroline 149

Caroline is kindly bowing her head slightly down, showing
the position of the bowls in these 1990's Lentilux glasses
by Nigura from Germany.

Caroline 148

Another great portrait of cheerful Caroline in Lentilux
glasses by Nigura, Rx -19. The position of the bowls in
both lenses is clearly visible here. The effect is even more
prominent than it is in traditional myodiscs.