maandag 31 mei 2010

Charlotte 171

This great portrait of Charlotte in Zenni glasses
concludes her photo shoot.

I wish to thank Charlotte for her enthousiasm and her
pleasant company during this wonderful photo shoot
which took us only two hours. Charlotte adds a special
and refreshing element to the "ladies behind crystal
veil" weblog. She will be back within a couple of weeks
for another photo shoot and I look forward to that.
To be continued!

Charlotte 170

A beautiful, natural portrait of Charlotte in modern
Zenni glasses, Rx -8.

Charlotte 169

Charlotte 168

Glasses: Zenni
[L=R: -8.00]

Charlotte 167

Glasses: Zenni
[L=R: -8.00]

Charlotte 166

Charlotte 165

Glasses: Zenni
[L=R: -8.00]

Charlotte 164

Charlotte 163

Glases: Zenni
[L=R: -8.00]

Charlotte 162

Charlotte "at the crossroads" (Bob Dylan), exchanging
her hyperopia for a rather severe myopia for just a
couple of minutes. The results are marvellous and this
beautiful portrait is one of the highlights in her entire
photo shoot. Great!

Charlotte 161

Glasses: Zenni
[L=R: -8.00]

Charlotte 160

Charlotte 159

Charlotte bridging a gap of no less than 13 diopters
during the final minutes of her photo shoot. We
worked at high speed during this finale because we
were running out of time, but the results are great

Charlotte 158

Glasses: Zenni
[L=R: -8.00]

Charlotte 157

Glasses: Zenni
[L=R: -8.00]

Charlotte 156

At this point in the photo shoot, I recognized that
my model was getting tired.... High time for the
modern glasses. Be prepared for a paradigm shift!

Charlotte 155

These glasses, near Charlotte's own Rx, were
a welcome find in my own neighbourhood

Charlotte 154

Glasses: Bebel
[L: +4.00; c+1.00 h / R: +3.50; c+2.00 v]

Charlotte 153

Charlotte 152

Charlotte 151

Another experiment with the light in the lenses.
Charlotte in bifocals a couple of diopters above
her own Rx, showing the position of the half moon
reading segments

Charlotte 150

Charlotte 149

Glasses: nameless, circa 1990
[L=R: +7.50 / bif add 3.50]

Charlotte 148

Hi there, Mr. Photographer!

Charlotte 147

Charlotte 146

For comparison, another portrait of Charlotte in
1990's bifocals from my own town - not a city -
in Holland

Charlotte 145

A stunning portrait of Charlotte in 1990's
bifocals from my own town in Holland. One
of my favourites from this photo shoot!

Charlotte 144

Glasses: nameless, 1990's
[L: +4.75; c+0.75 o / R: +5.25; c+0.75 o / bif add 2.50]

Charlotte 143

Another powerful portrait of Charlotte in late
1980's Sover glasses

Charlotte 142

Glasses: Sover, late 1980's
[L: +4.25; c+2.75 o / R: +5.00; c+2.00 o]

Charlotte 141

Glasses: Sferoflex, 1990's
[L: +5.00; c+0.50 o / R: +5.25]

Charlotte 140

Cobra glasses were - and maybe still are - made
in Austria

Charlotte 139

Glasses: Cobra, late 1980's
[L: +5.50; c+1.00 h / R: +6.00; c+1.00 h]

Charlotte 138

Glasses: Boots (Primula)
[L: +7.00; c+1.00 v / R: +6.00; c+1.00 v]

Charlotte 137

Another hide and seek portrait of Charlotte in
Vienna Line glasses, acquired in Switzerland.

Charlotte 136

Glasses: Viennaline
[L: +5.00 / R: +5.50]

Charlotte 135

One for the road, as pub tigers say in Dublin -
Charlotte in small but great glasses from the
Irish capital, a city I love so well (the late Luke
Kelly will agree from his cloud)
And by the way, my favourite B&B in Stoney
Batter, Dublin, was called the Charlotte House.
During my frequent visits there, I never asked
the owner (she was called Sheila) about who on
earth Charlotte was :)

Charlotte 134

More sunlight tricks in the lenses of these Rx +7
Specsavers glasses from Dublin

Charlotte 133

Another beautiful portrait of Charlotte in Specsavers
glasses acquired from a Dublin charity shop.
And no, they did not come from the Dublin relation
mentioned earlier. She gives most of her old glasses
to her daughter who has nearly her own +8 Rx

Charlotte 132

Charlotte in "Rose" Specsavers glasses - one of
the finest matches in this photo shoot!

Charlotte 131

Glasses: Specsavers (Rose)
[L: +5.00; c+2.00 v / R: +7.00]

Charlotte 130

The lenses in these bifocals from Germany are
so scratched that I was hesitating about giving
them a try. The lenses look as if a skating contest
has been performed on them. But Charlotte was
not bothered by the scratches and here she gives
us another striking image of her good self

Charlotte 129

A stunning portrait of Charlotte in 1990's bifocals
from Germany

Charlotte 128

A striking portrait of Charlotte in bifocals from

Charlotte 127

Glasses: nameless, 1990's
[L: +6.00; c+1.00 v / R: +6.25; c+0.75 v / bif add 2.50]

Charlotte 126

Another striking portrait of Charlotte in 1990's
Profiles bifocals from Dublin

Charlotte 125

Charlotte in 1990's Profiles bifocals with the
sunlight playing in the lenses. The position of
the circle shaped reading parts can be seen
faintly. The optician did a good job and my
guess is that the first owner of these beautiful
glasses was pleased with them

Charlotte 124

These 1990's Profiles bifocals were acquired in
a Dublin charity shop at the turn of the century

Charlotte 123

Glasses: Profiles, 1990's
[L: +5.00; c+1.00 h / R: +5.50 / bif add 2.00]

Charlotte 122

Another lovely portrait of Charlotte in bifocals
from Wales, Rx +6