woensdag 30 januari 2013

Extreme cylinder (3)

Again it's the "Judy" glasses with the extreme cylinder in the left lens: -4.00; c+9.00 o.
The effect of the cylinder can be seen in the tilted image of the background.
The right lens is +2.00; c+0.50 h. A very common Rx.
The "h" stands for "horizontal", indicating that the axis of the cylinder is around 90 degrees.

Extreme cylinder (2)

The same "Judy" glasses from the 1990's, seen from above. Note the lens thickness near the arm.

Extreme cylinder (1)

Here is a lone crystal veil without a lady. The glasses are called "Judy" and were acquired in Germany.
This and the following photos are posted by request.
The left lens has a highly unusual Rx: -4.00; c+9.00 o.
From this vantage point it may look like a prismatic correction but it's not that. It's the effect of the ultra strong cylinder.
The axis is indicated with the "o", meaning either around 45 or around 135. I measure the strength of the lenses with a set of trial lenses so the axis of a cylinder cannot be given precisely.