vrijdag 22 januari 2010

Astrid 335

After this picture, my camera refused further
action, so this is the final portrait of this pleasant
and fruitful second photo shoot with Astrid.

Astrid, once again, many thanks for being such a
wonderful model! I look forward to our next
photo shoot.

Astrid 334

Glasses: Rodenstock E 504, 1980's
[L: -4.00; c-1.00 v / R: -4.75; c-1.50 v]

This is another pair that I bought at the
Amsterdam flea market in the late 1980's.
The solid frame is typical of its time

Astrid 333

These blue Rodenstock glasses kept steaming
up as soon as Astrid put them on!

Astrid 332

Glasses: Rodenstock Young Look
[L: +2.25 / R: +1.75; c+0.25 h]

Astrid 331

Another fine picture of Astrid in 1990's Rodenstock
glasses. We were switching glasses quickly in the
fading daylight.

Astrid 330

Astrid chose these Rodenstock glasses because
of their unusual design. Their first owner may
have been male.

Astrid 329

Rodenstock Young Look 246
[L: -2.00; c-0.50 o / R: -2.50; c-0.50 h]

Astrid 328

Closing time.... I quickly grabbed some glasses
with blue frames for the final pictures before
dark would stop this outdoor photo shoot in
mid winter. Anyway, this Rodenstock frame
is a nice match to Astrid's face!

Astrid 327

Another pleasing portrait of Astrid in "Young
Look" Rodenstock glasses

Astrid 326

Glasses: Rodenstock J 109
[L: -3.75; c-0.50 v / R: -2.50; c-0.75 o]

Astrid 325

Another lovely portrait of Astrid in elegant
Lady Rodenstock glasses

Astrid 324

Fading daylight. There was nothing mysterious
about the cold!

Astrid 323

Astrid as Lady Rodenstock. When looking back
at the portraits, she called this her mystery look

Astrid 322

Glasses: Rodenstock Lady
[L: -3.25 / R: -2.00]

Astrid 321

Glasses: Rodenstock Exclusiv, 1990's
[L: 0 / R: -3.00 / var add 2.75]

Astrid 320

A beautiful portrait of Astrid in 1980's Rodenstock
bifocals, acquired some twenty years ago at the
Amsterdam flea market.

Astrid 318

Astrid chose this frame from my boxes with
Rodenstock glasses because of its nice shape.
Another quite natural portrait at Rx -4

Astrid 317

I got these lovely 1990's Rodenstock glasses
in Bavaria, some seven years ago

Astrid 316

Glasses: Rodenstock Exclusiv 341
[L: -3.00; c-0.50 v / R: -3.50]

Astrid 315

The only thing that worried Astrid in the cold
was that she might develop a red nose.
No red nose - just another fine portrait in
exclusive early 1990's Rodenstock glasses!

Astrid 314

A decade ago, this was a very popular
Rodenstock frame, "opening up" many faces
in a lovely manner. In my memory, it was a
particular favourite among middle aged ladies

Astrid 313

Glasses: Rodenstock Exclusiv 603
[L: -0.75; c-0.75 h / R: -1.50; c-1.00 h]

Astrid 312

Another lovely wide eyed Astrid in 1990's
Viennaline glasses and hat

Astrid 311

Once more, Astrid's hat adds greatly to this
lady-like portrait in Viennaline glasses.

Astrid 310

Glasses: Viennaline, early 1990's
[L: +1.50; c+0.50 h / R: +2.00; c+0.50 h]

Astrid 309

These Viennaline glasses bring back many sweet
memories from my student days. It seemed that
only really beautiful girls with a mild minus Rx
chose this frame in the Amsterdam of the mid
Thanks, Astrid, for fulfilling your photographer's
special request when we browsed through my
box with Viennaline glasses!

Astrid 308

These Viennaline varifocals were obviously
chosen by a lady in her mid forties, but this
frame was a favourite among much younger
ladies as well

Astrid 307

This frame was one of Viennaline's best sellers
during the mid 1970's. Astrid wisely chose these
varifocals, their Rx being more modest than the
Rx of two other pairs in my collection

Astrid 306

A lovely portrait of Astrid in mid 1970's
Viennaline glasses

Astrid 305

Glasses: Viennaline, mid 1970's
[L=R: +1.50 / var add 1.00]

Astrid 304

Another pleasing portrait of Astrid in Viennaline
bifocals. My camera suffered from the intense
cold as well, producing some unexpected colours
during the final part of this photo shoot

Astrid 303

Another feature of these Metzler bifocals is
the high position of the demarcation line

Astrid 302

Astrid in 1990's Viennaline bifocals. Some
elderly people clearly prefer these "executive
top bifocals" over the traditional half moon or
the more flattering circle. See also the portraits
near the end of my photo shoot with Clarine
who models no less than four bifocals of this
type, once owned by an Irish lady
(Clarine 175-182)

Astrid 301

Astrid demonstrating a special type of lenses
called "executive top bifocals". They gave the
first owner of these Metzler glasses a broad
view for close work, albeit at an esthetic sacrifice

Astrid 300

Back from her short trip to extreme myopia,
Astrid is back in the world of "real" GWG's,
showing a pair of Metzler bifocals

Astrid 299

Glasses: Viennaline
[L: +1.25 / R: +1.25; c+1.00 v / bif add 2.75]

Astrid 298

Another portrait of Astrid showing the way
Lentilux lenses hide their huge Rx "en face".

See also Astrid 178-184 for more beautiful
portraits of her in these Flair lenticular glasses

Astrid 297

Another sweet, natural portrait of Astrid in Flair
glasses, Rx -14. She has perfect eyesight, yet she
gives the impression of perfect eyesight.
The snow in the background can be seen in the
tiny half moon gap near the left eye, surrounded
by Astrid's hair and by the fence behind her.
This is an effect particular to Lentilux glasses.

Astrid 296

The cold became more intense and this is
accentuated here by the blue light.

Lenticular glasses keep changing their aspect
under slightly different angles. "The corrective
"bowl" is clearly visible near Astrid's left eye,
but there is no visible distortion in the right lens

Astrid 295

The great thing about these Lentilux glasses
is that they reduce the "cut in" effect seen in
glasses at Rx -14. There are no power rings
either. Only the minification of the eyes (30%)
and the magnification of the model's make up
near her left eye betrays the strength of these
beautiful 1990's Flair glasses.

Astrid 294

A great portrait of Astrid in Flair lenticular
glasses, Rx -14. She had already made their
acquaintance at the very end of her first photo
shoot. Astrid prefers outdoor portraits, so we
gave these beautiful glasses another try

Astrid 293

Glasses: Flair, lenticular ("Lentilux")
[L: -13.00; c-1.00 v / R: -14.00]

maandag 18 januari 2010

Astrid 292

Another powerful portrait of Astrid in modern
Trend myodiscs.

Lentilux glasses were always rare. During several
decades of collecting glasses I only came across
three pairs. Long live modern technology and Ebay!

Astrid 291

Another lovely picture of Astrid in modern Trend
myodiscs, supplied by Martin from Köln

Astrid 290

My other sources of inspiration for this special
portrait photography are Fotki from Russia
and Stephan & Sandra from Augsburg

Astrid 289

Another portrait of Astrid in the "High Myopic
Girls" style, greatly popularized by Alain of Paris.
Thanks, Alain, for the inspiration!

Astrid 288

Another fine portrait of Astrid in Trend myodiscs.
The diameter of the corrrective bowl is 29 mm
and in spite of the use of Lentilux, the lenses are
almost a centimeter in thickness

Astrid 287

These Trend myodiscs just arrived from Germany
before the photo shoot with Astrid and she kindly
obliged when I suggested we could give them a try

Astrid 286

Glasses: Trend, "Lentilux" myodiscs
[L: -16.00; c-1.50 o / R: -16.00]

Astrid 285

Another lovely portrait of Astrid in late 1970's
Metzler glasses, Rx -7.50