donderdag 31 december 2009

Farishta 070

These Silhouette glasses make their presence felt
without dominating the model's face.
Here Farishta uses the reading part of these
varifocals, near her own Rx. Another beautiful and
very natural portrait

Farishta 069

These 1990's purple Silhouette glasses were
a huge favourite during the first photo shoot
with Nel. The shape of the frame is unusual
and the colour adds greatly to the overall effect.
These glasses turned out to be another perfect
match with Farishta's face. Beautiful!

Farishta 068

After trying out three Silhouette glasses around
Farishta's own Rx it was tempting to see how this
special 1990's Silhouette frame would work out.
The Rx of these glasses is around -8 (nearly two
diopters above her own Rx), but it yielded some
of the best portraits of the entire photo shoot

Farishta 067

Glasses: Silhouette 1413, made in 1994
[L: -8.00; c-1.00 h / R: -7.50; c-1.00 h / var add 1.75]

Farishta 066

Another lovely portrait of Farishta in Silhouette
glasses from the late 1970's

Farishta 065

As an object, these late 1970's Silhouette glasses
are less of an eyecatcher than some of their sisters,
but they add lovely harmony to the model's face

Farishta 064

Farishta in late 1970's Silhouette glasses, blending
beauty with a touch of melancholy

Farishta 063

Glasses: Silhouette 1010, made circa 1979
[L: -5.75; c-0.25 v / R: -5.00; c-0.50 v]

Farishta 062

Another sweet portrait of Farishta in 1990's
Silhouette bifocals

Farishta 061

At the end of the 1980's, the era of big and often
quite solid glasses ended abruptly in Holland, but
fortunately eyeware fashion in the UK remained
positive about big frames. These glasses were made
in 1984 but they may have been available until
the early 1990's.

Farishta 060

Another fine portrait of Farishta in mid 1980's
Silhouette glasses

Farishta 059

These mid 1980's Silhouette bifocals were acquired
in Wales, about ten years ago

Farishta 058

Glasses: Silhouette 1163, made in 1984
[L: -4.00; c-1.50 h / R: -1.50; c-3.00 h / bif add 2.25]

Farishta 057

Another lovely Farishta in 1980's Silhouette glasses

Farishta 056

Another sunny portrait of Farishta in early 1980's
glasses by Silhouette

Farishta 055

These beautiful 1981 Silhouette glasses were
also a favourite during my photo shoots with Nel

Farishta 054

Silhouette started manufacturing eyeware in the
mid 1960's and they have been at the top ever since.
Expensive but beautiful glasses, made by designers
with a handwriting of their own.

Farishta 053

Glasses: Silhouette 1064, made circa 1981
[L: -5.50; c-2.50 o / R: -6.75; c-0.75 o]

Farishta 052

The same Rodenstock E 524 glasses with a slightly
bigger frame and stronger bifocal lenses were one
of the highlights of my photo shoot with Rachel, some
weeks ago. Farishta does ample justice to the smaller
twin sister of these glasses

Farishta 051

Another lovely portrait of Farishta in 1980's
Rodenstock glasses.

Farishta 050

A beautiful portrait of Farishta in 1980's
Rodenstock glasses

Farishta 049

Glasses: Rodenstock Exclusiv, 1980's
[L: -7.00; c-1.00 h / R: -6.00; c-1.00 h]

Farishta 048

Another lovely portrait of Farishta in early 1960's
Viennaline glasses. I was delighted to come across
these glasses at the Waterlooplein flea market in
the 1980's. They brought back happy memories of
my youth and all the beautiful girls in the streets
of Amsterdam. Thanks, Farishta, for another moment
of reviving that scene!

Farishta 047

This is what the calmest fans of the Beatles looked
like during their concerts in the early 1960's.
However, the majority screamed and tore their hair!

Farishta 046

Farishta leads us back almost half a century to
the days when the Beatles started the revolution
in popular music. Wherever they went, a crowd of
girls would follow them. Many of them were girls in
glasses very similar to these Viennaline glasses!

Farishta 045

Glasses: Viennaline, early 1960's
[L: -4.50 / R: -5.50]

Farishta 044

These pink metal Packard glasses are designed
to match a young face. This portrait of Farishta
has a happy, natural feel to it

Farishta 043

Another beautiful portrait of Farishta in pink
Packard glasses

Farishta 042

A lovely portrait of Farishta in Packard glasses

Farishta 041

Glasses: Packard
[L: -6.50 / R: -5.50; c-0.50 v]

Farishta 040

Another lovely portrait of Farishta in 1980's
Menrad glasses

Farishta 039

A beautiful, sweet portrait of Farishta in 1980's
Menrad glasses

Farishta 038

These Menrad glasses have a special place in my
collection because of their design and the association
with the late 1970's and early 1980's

Farishta 037

Glasses: Menrad, 1980's
[L: -3.50; c-1.00 h / R: -4.50; c-0.50 o]

woensdag 30 december 2009

Farishta 036

Another pleasing portrait of Farishta in 1990's
OWP glasses

Farishta 035

These 1990's OWP glasses were a particular
fine match with the model's face and complexion

Farishta 034

These OWP glasses were made some 25 years
after the Flirt glasses modeled by Farishta in
pictures 029-032. Long live the invention of
anti-reflective coating in lenses!

Farishta 033

Glasses: OWP Design, early 1990's
[L: -6.00; c-0.50 o / R: -3.50; c-1.00 v]

Farishta 032

In spite of the reflection of the camera's tripod
in the left lens, this is a lovely portrait of young
Farishta in Flirt glasses twice her age

Farishta 031

Another Waterlooplein find, these Flirt glasses
were among the very first acquisitions when I
started collecting glasses as a poor student.
The lenses are tinted and their glare is reduced
by choosing this angle for the picture.
Oval glasses were rare in the 1950's and 1960's.
These Flirt glasses mark the beginning of the golden
era of big glasses in all sorts of shapes and colours.
It's nice to see that bigger frames are about to get
popular again after two decades in which the choice
of frames was rather limited.

Farishta 030

These Flirt glasses were quite popular around 1970.
They were made in a then fashionable orange colour
for blondes and in this slightly flamed brown for
brunettes. The frame is quite solid compared to
modern eyeware. Anti-reflective coating did not exist
when these glasses were made and we needed to do
a lot of navigation to obtain these portraits!

Farishta 029

Glasses: Flirt, late 1960's
[L: -5.50 / R: -5.00]

Farishta 028

These Schubert glasses were another discovery
at the Amsterdam flea market in the 1980's.
The lenses have strong cylinders which slightly
influence the shape of the eyes. The Rx is below
Farishta's own Rx, but the cylinder in the left lens
is placed under a 90 degree angle with the cylinder
in the right lens. The combined view is much better
than the separate view of each eye.
Many of the glasses modeled here by Farishta can
also be seen in my photo shoot with Clarine who has
nearly the same Rx as Farishta.

Farishta 027

Schubert, the famous composer of classical music,
was a glasses wearer and one of his tiny steel glasses
has survived. Eyeware has come a long way since
the early 19th century!

Farishta 026

Glasses: Schubert, 1980's
[L: -3.75; c-2.75 o / R: -4.75; c-2.75 o]

Farishta 025

These big pink glasses have blueish lenses. Their
Rx is slightly below the model's Rx and this portrait
has a nice dreamer quality about it

Farishta 024

Like Rachel in a previous photo shoot, Farishta
could wear all sorts of eyeware and still look good

Farishta 023

Glasses: nameless, late 1970's or early 1980's
[L=R: -5.25]

Farishta 022

Another lovely portrait of Farishta in nameless
1990's German glasses.

Farishta 021

A beautiful portrait of Farishta in 1990's
German glasses