maandag 23 november 2009

Carla 194

This final picture in Christian Olivier Formlenti myodiscs
illustrates that the sky was the limit during this photo shoot.

My note of adieu is a quote from the late master piper and
story teller Seámus Ennis from Finglas, North county Dublin:
"It was grand party, the best that ever was. On the eleventh
morning it was just as strong - and getting better - than it was
when it started. But then I had to go home to my family".

For the afficionados, the Ennis quote is from his epic story
"Feidhlim Tonn Ri's castle". I told this wonderful story (mind
you, in Dutch) to my daughter Daphne when she was five.

P.S. The weight of the glasses is 70 grams, they are the second
heaviest spectacles in my collection. I suspect that this is about
twice the weight of the giant hat.
Unless Carla does some research about the weight of her hat,
the answer will never be revealed.

Carla 193

Pensive mood.... what's heavier on my head, the hat or the glasses?
The answer is revealed in the notes with the next and final photo.

A word of thanks to Marian for her suggestion that Carla might be
interested in a photo shoot with the glasses in my collection.
Marian attended the entire photo shoot and gave invisible but
valuable help and advice.

Carla 192

These Christian Olivier myodisc glasses must have coast a small
fortune when they were made. Carla chose this wonderful giant
hat, adding some more tasteful extravaganza to the
final pictures of this photo shoot.

Carla 191

Another lovely Carla in Christian Olivier myodisc
glasses, Rx -10. The accent of the carrier lens is
unusual but wonderful. This is eyeware at its best!

Carla 190

This picture of Carla in myodiscs has a very natural
feel to it. The glasses at Rx -10 are seven diopters
above her own Rx and we did not make use of GOC.

Carla 189

Another powerful portrait of Carla in the Christian
Olivier myodisc glasses. They are also shown to
great effect in the photo shoot with Nel.

Carla 188

This beautiful portrait of Carla in Christian Olivier
myodisc glasses is another favourite in this photo shoot.

Carla 187

Another fine picture of Carla in Christian Olivier
myodiscs. There is some effect of shade, caused
by the the Rx of the glasses, but none of the special
effects often present in lenticular glasses. The carrier
lens here is accentuated to add beauty to what must
have been a very expensive pair of glasses.

Carla 186

Carla in Christian Olivier glasses, Formlenti myodisc.
The choice of the Formlenti must have been made for
esthetical reasons. High index lenses were available
when these glasses were made. Many high myopes are
reluctant to give myodiscs a try. In these top designer
glasses the carrier lens adds to the feel of daring luxury.

Carla 185

A wonderful moment captured. Carla is putting
on the last pair of glasses used in this photo shoot.

Glasses by Christian Olivier, 1990's Formlenti myodisc.
Their Rx is about minus 10.

zondag 22 november 2009

Carla 184

The last portrait of Carla in lenticular glasses.
This photo is one of my favourites in this memorable
three hours' photo shoot.

Carla 183

"Let me tell you the tale
of your small crystal veil
whenever you think you look tragic
Shop windows, a frame
and your eyes play the game
Well, to me it just adds to your magic"

(lyrics in the chorus of the title track on my solo CD
"Crystal Veil", released in 2007. I wrote the song to
honour all GWG's in the world. Anyone interested in
a copy of this CD can contact

Carla 182

A beautiful picture of Carla in the "red heart" series
featuring 1980's lenticular glasses, Rx -12. Note the
shades, caused by the strong Rx of the bowl and also
by the left arm of the glasses. The abrupt horizontal
demarcation line at the side of the left eye is another
characteristic effect of lenticular glasses.

Carla 181

Another fine portrait of Carla in lenticular glasses.
I rarely choose this angle in my photo shoots.
Here it is used to show what the bowl looks like
when seen from above. The carrier lens fills the
bottom centimeter in the lenses of this high frame.
Generally speaking, I prefer angles in which the
model's chin comes out a bit stronger, providing
some balance with the glasses.

Carla 180

A picture of Carla in minus 12 lenticular glasses.
Taken from more or less the same angle as 177.
The yellow light was brought in for variation,
but also to show how the light influences the
effect of the lenticulars.

Carla 179

Carla in lenticular glasses, Rx -12. Their lenses
create many special effects. Imagine the vividness
of these glasses when used in everyday life!
Lenticular glasses are very rarely seen in the streets.
I remember seeing a middle aged lady in Austria
wearing them, some twenty years ago. The effect of
her lenticular glasses was beautiful and fascinating.

Carla 178

Carla in lenticular glasses. There are no power
rings and the lenses are not thicker than the big
1980's frame. This makes lenticulars a flattering
alternative for high index lenses. The lady that
once bought these glasses must have made a
deliberate choice for lenticulars. The Rx is -12
and there was no need for the use of these very
expensive and complicated lenses.

Carla 177

Another lovely portrait of Carla in lenticular glasses.
Note the difference between the lenses. The right
lens does not give the impression of any Rx at all.
In the left lens, the bowl and the transition zone are
clearly visible. The carrier lens gives the impression
of magnification.

Carla 176

Carla in Rx -12 lenticular glasses. Depending on
the light, the lenses can create a shadow under
an angle like this.

Carla 175

Carla in lenticular glasses, Rx -12. From this angle
the transition zone between bowl and carrier lens
follows the shape of the face in a perfect manner.
The carrier part of the lens is clearly visible, just
next to Carla's face.

Carla 174

The frame of these 1980's lenticular glasses is high
and the small corrective bowl does not cover the
low part of the lenses. The transition zone is between
the bowl and the carrier part of the lens is clearly
visible from this angle.
The same glasses are modeled to great effect in my
photo shoot with Nel, whose own Rx is only one or
two diopters weaker than the Rx of these lenticular

Carla 173

A radiant portrait of Carla in lenticular glasses.
Their Rx is -12 and the nameless frame suits
her face perfectly.

Carla 172

Glasses: nameless, late 1980's lenticular glasses
[L: -11.50; c-1.00 v / R: -12.00; c-1.00 h]

Carla 171

The last portrait in this splendid series of Carla in
early 1990's Flair lenticular glasses, Rx -14.00.

Carla 170

Another lovely portrait of Carla in Flair lenticular
glasses. Compared with the previous pictures, the
head of the model is directed slightly downward.
The bowl in the right lens is more prominent but
esthetically, the overall effect is more favourable.
The first owner must have favoured lenticulars over
the three alternatives available in the early 1990's:
high index lenses, Kreislenti and Formlenti myodiscs.

Carla 169

Another beautiful and very natural portrait of Carla
in Flair lenticular glasses. This picture was taken
from the same angle as the previous photo. The only
difference is that the model looks in the direction of the
photographer. The Rx -14 lenses create a different
image of Carla's eyes - especially the left eye - than in
the previous portrait.

Carla 168

Another portrait of Carla in the Flair lenticular glasses,
showing the special effect of the transition between
the Rx -14.00 central part of the lens and the slightly
positive outer part of the lens. In the right lens the effect
is not unlike the image produced by the Kreislenti and
Formlenti myodisc. The bowl can be easlily recognized.
In the left lens however, the bowl is invisible and the
transition zone between bowl and carrier lens plays its
tricks with the model's make up.

Carla 167

Aside from - and because of - their special effect
in certain light and angle combinations, these Flair
lenticular glasses are among the finest items in my
collection. They are also included in my photo shoots
of Irma, Nel, Clarine and Brigitta on this weblog.

Carla 166

Lenticular glasses have a gradual transition
between the central part of the lens in the high Rx
required and the plano or weak positive carrier lens.
This is an beautiful solution, but it can also lead to
surprising distortions as shown in this photo and
the previous portrait.

Carla 165

Glasses: Flair, lenticulars
[L: -13.00; c-1.00 v / R: -14.00]

Carla 164

Another fine portrait of Carla in Zenni myodisc
glasses and a lovely hat

Carla 163

Carla in myodisc Zenni glasses and hat

Carla 162

Another example of Carla's amazing ability to look
perfectly natural in myodiscs.

Carla 161

The myodisc lenses in these beautiful Zenni glasses
are 1.67 high index. I got these extraordinary
myodisc glasses from Zenni for the amazing price of € 40.

Carla 160

Glasses and a hat - an irresistible combination,
leading the spectators' eye away from the
extremely strong lenses in these myodisc glasses.

Carla 159

Glasses: Zenni 3310, myodiscs
[L: -19.25 / R: -19.75]

Carla 158

None of the "ladies in crystal veil" ever experienced
headaches or dizzyness after their photo shoot.
Every twenty minutes, we took a short break and
Carla put her own glasses on, giving her eyes
their well-deserved rest.

Carla 157

A happy looking Carla unveiling her face in this
portrait triology with the -21.00 Sandra myodiscs.

Carla 156

Four-eyed lady Carla showing the minification
of the eyes through these -21.00 myodiscs.

Carla 155

Carla in 2009 silver myodisc glasses. With their
Rx of -21.00, these are the strongest glasses in
my collection. Thickness of the lenses is 11-12 mm.

Carla 154

Recently, I bought these modern myodisc glasses
from Stephan and Sandra, a German couple from
the Augsburg area. Rx of the glasses is -21.00.
Stephan and Sandra have done several great art
projects in which high myopia is the main theme.
Over the last few years, "Spexy" Sandra appeared
on the internet in at least a thousand myodisc glasses.
The work of Stephan and Sandra was another source
of inspiration for my photo shoots and this weblog.

Carla 153

Glasses: nameless, 2009 myodiscs
[L=R: -21.00]

Carla 152

This final picture of Carla in late 1950's myodisc
glasses makes a very pleasing portrait, bringing
back the image of eyeware fashion as it was
half a century ago.

Carla 151

A striking portrait of Carla in late 1950's fashion.
Seen from this angle, there is a cat eye aspect in
the frame of these myodisc glasses.
In the 1980's, long after myodiscs had disappeared
from the streets of Amsterdam, I bought these glasses
at the Waterlooplein flea market. Callers to the house
invariably grab for these glasses when they see my
collection. On one occasion, my then lady friend picked
out these glasses, put them on and then asked,
"would you still love me if I'd have to wear these?"

Carla 150

Another splendid portrait of Carla in late 1950's
myodisc glasses. I clearly remember seeing women
in cat eye myodisc glasses in the late 1950's. The
contrast between the circular bowl and the shape of
the cat eye frames was quite obvious. Unlike the more
recent lenticular glasses, there is no disturbance in
the symmetry between the eyes in myodisc glasses
of the "Kreislenti" type.

Carla 149

Another nostalgic but lovely portrait of Carla in
late 1950's myodisc glasses. The "double image"
of the left eye is caused by the abrupt transition from
the Rx -17.00 bowl into the plano carrier glass. There
were no alternatives for these myodiscs until the 1970's.

Carla 148

Carla in late 1950's myodisc glasses, Rx -17.00.
From this angle, the circular bowl in the lenses
is playing tricks with the make up, creating the
"double image" I remember seeing in the streets
of Amsterdam in my childhood. The nameless frame
of these glasses was quite popular in the late 1950's.
Extreme glasses.... but what a lovely portrait!

Carla 147

As a child in 1950's Amsterdam, I remember seeing
women in myodisc glasses of the type modeled here
by Carla. Contact lenses were still in their infancy and
not widely available. The myodiscs of the time were
invariably of the "Kreislenti" type, with a circular bowl
of the high Rx required. There was no transition into
the plano carrier lens in which the bowl was embedded.
Men and women were wearing "glasses within glasses".

Carla 146

Glasses: nameless, late 1950's Kreislenti myodiscs
[L: -17.00 / R: -14.00]

zaterdag 21 november 2009

Carla 145

Carla in 1990's Nigura lenticular glasses, Rx -19.
These pictures were a challenge, but it was not all
seriousness and we had a good few laughs during the
navigation process required.