vrijdag 23 juli 2010

Astrid 553

This beautiful portrait of Astrid in "Beate"
Rodenstock glasses concludes her summer
photo shoot.

Astrid had a silent companion during this
fourth photo shoot. A white butterfly was
busy with the red flowers in the background.

Once more, Astrid, I thank you so much for
the great way you are posing in so many
different styles and dioptric strengths. Also
for your always pleasant company. The most
amazing aspect of your modeling is the way
you jump from one Rx to the other without
any visual effort. If you ever need glasses in
the distant future, I will gladly supply them!

Astrid 552

Another lovely portrait of Astrid in "Beate"
Rodenstock glasses from the early 1990's

Astrid 551

It's a good habit to save the best part of a photo
shoot for its finale. Astrid is really looking - and
posing - gorgeous in these "Beate" Rodenstock

Astrid 550

These "Beate" Rodenstock glasses were recently
supplied by the ever reliable Martin from Köln

Astrid 549

This fourth photo shoot with Astrid was set up
as a photo shoot in prescription sunglasses, but
there were a couple of new arrivals that simply
had to be tried out....

Astrid 548

Glasses: Rodenstock (Beate), early 1990's
[L: -7.00; c-1.25 o / R: -7.50; c-1.50 o]

Astrid 547

The only disadvantage of these fine Luxotica
varifocals is that they are not stable and need
constant adjustment. Nel used them in a recent
photo shoot and she experienced the same
problem, although they were her own glasses.
Anyway, the portraits are truly great!

Astrid 546

Astrid in Lozza varifocals, enjoying her - no
doubt, impressionist - view of the flowers in
the garden

Astrid 545

Another great portrait of Astrid posing in her
inimitable, natural way, as if these Luxotica
varifocals were her own

Astrid 544

Astrid posing in a fine pair of Luxotica varifocals,
kindly given to me by Nel recently. They were
no good to her anymore after an increase in both
myopia and presbyopia. Thank you, Nel, for the
fine glasses!

Astrid 543

Glasses: Luxotica
[L: -9.25; c-0.75 v / R: -9.50; c-0.50 v / var add 1.25]

Astrid 542

A beautiful model, a beautiful dress, beautiful
prescription sunglasses - life as a photographer
is not bad at all....

Astrid 541

This weblog is about portrait photography in
glasses, but the dress simply needs to be
shown as well because it adds so much to the
summer theme of this photo shoot. Thanks,
Astrid, for the excellent choice, both dress
and glasses!

Astrid 540


Astrid 539


Astrid 538


Astrid 537

Glasses: nameless, early 1990's
[L: -6.25 / R: -4.75]

Astrid 536


Astrid 535


Astrid 534

A beautiful portrait of Astrid in 1990's sunglasses
with Rx -6.50

Astrid 533

Glasses: nameless, 1990's
[L=R: -6.50]

Astrid 532

This happy portrait of Astrid concludes our
short trip to the prosperous outskirts of Dublin.
The first owner of both glasses must have been
a lady of wealth and taste

Astrid 531

Astrid showing the position of the circular reading
segments in strong Sophia Loren bifocals from
Dublin. The navigation process required for a
portrait like this is always fun, especially when
the Rx of the lenses is some ten diopters off

Astrid 530

Another beautiful, natural portrait of Astrid
in très chique Sophia Loren bifocals, Rx -10

Astrid 529

These Sophia Loren bifocals were also featured
in my photo shoot with Conny (004).

Astrid 528

The reading segments in these beautiful dégradé
Sophia Loren bifocals are bigger than in the
accompanying Nigura sunglasses. This may have
to do with the shape of the frames, but also with
the first owner's need to do more close work with
her regular Loren glasses than with her Nigura

Astrid 527

Glasses: Sophia Loren
[L: -10.00; c-1.00 h / R: -8.00; c-1.00 h / bif add 2.50]

Astrid 526

Astrid kindly obliged when I asked her to raise
her head so that the reading segments of these
Nigura sunglasses are visible

Astrid 525

These Nigura sunglasses were accompanied by
an even more striking pair of Sophia Loren glasses
which will be shown next by Astrid

Astrid 524

Another lovely portrait of Astrid in Nigura
bifocal sunglasses, Rx around -10

Astrid 523

These Nigura bifocal sunglasses were a welcome
find in a Dublin charity shop, some ten years ago

Astrid 522

Glasses: Nigura
[L: -10.00; c-1.00 h / R: -8.00; c-1.00 h / bif add 2.50]

Astrid 521

Are you still there, Mr Photographer?

Astrid 520

Astrid in Yves Chantal bifocal sunglasses. Another
example of her exceptional talent to look natural
in glasses with the most complicated precriptions

Astrid 519

Glasses: Yves Chantal
[L: +1.75; c+2.50 h / R: +4.50; c+2.50 o / bif add 3.25]

Astrid 518

Another fine portrait of Astrid in disguise with
OWP sunglasses

Astrid 517

Astrid almost incognito in OWP sunglasses, Rx
-7 / -8.

Astrid 516

Glasses: OWP
[L: -3.75; c-3.25 v / R: -4.75; c-3.25 v]

Astrid 515

Another incognito Astrid in Essilor varifocals

Astrid 514

Dark.... darker.... darkest.... Astrid in Essilor
varifocal sunglasses. Their first owner must
have loved her privacy!

Astrid 513

Glasses: Essilor
[L: +1.50; c+1.00 o / R: +2.00; c+0.50 o / var add 3.00]

Astrid 512

Astrid in Mona Liza sunglasses with very dark

Astrid 511

Glasses: Mona Liza
[L: -3.00; c-1.50 v / R: -1.50; c-0.50 o]

Astrid 510

Another lovely, natural portrait of Astrid in
Neostyle sunglasses

Astrid 509

Another fine portrait of Astrid in 1980's Neostyle
sunglasses, called "Flower". The reflection of her
court photographer can be seen above her right eye

Astrid 508

Glasses: Neostyle (Flower)
[L: -8.50 / R: -7.00]

Astrid 507

There is hardly any dioptric strength in these
crazy "Op Art style" Dior sunglasses, but the
prisms would certainly have given Astrid some
trouble if she had kept them up much longer
than the half minute required for the photo shoot

Astrid 506

When I came across these sunglasses in the
Rhone valley, I took them for 1960's Op Art
glasses. It was a surprise to find out that they
were in fact made by Dior sometime during
the 1980's

Astrid 505

Glasses: Christian Dior
[L=R: +0.50 / outward H prisms in both lenses]

Astrid 504

Another lovely Astrid in "hippie" look