dinsdag 28 december 2010

"Ladies behind Crystal Veil" on You Tube

The complete 28 minutes video of the catwalk and the opening of my exhibition "Ladies behind Crystal Veil" can now be seen on You Tube:


The TV programme about the exhibition is also posted (RTV Oost, "En dan nog even dit!", Sept. 1st, 2010). It features lovely Carrie ten Napel in four pairs of glasses from my collection.

Wishing all viewers of this weblog a happy 2011.


donderdag 9 december 2010

Video clips "Ladies Behind Crystal Veil" on You Tube

A few hours ago, the first three video clips of the opening of the exposition and the catwalk were posted on You Tube:


More video clips will be posted next week.


woensdag 1 december 2010

Opening exhibition 027

All ten catwalk models and some visitors watching the first
portrait of the slide show: Lettie in Depai myodiscs, Rx -22.

Photo by Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 026

Left to right: Astrid, Brigitta, Carla, Irma and Nel during
the final part of the catwalk. Glasses:
Astrid - Flair Jet Set [L: -0.25; c-1.75 o / R: -1.25; c-2.25 o]
Brigitta - Neostyle, 1973 [L=R: -2.00]
Carla - Da Vinci, 1980's [L: -2.50; c-1.25 o / R: -3.50; c-1.00 o]
Irma - nameless cat eye [L=R: +0.75]
Nel - Silhouette, 1983 [L: -10.50 / R: -11.00]

Photo by Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 025

Farishta during the second part of the catwalk.
Glasses: late 1960's, called "Tessa".
[L: -5.00; c-0.50 v / R: -5.00; c-1.00 v]

Photo by Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 024

Carla in blended myodiscs by Flair (Rx -14) during
the second part of the catwalk, concentrating on the
first step back to the safety of the dressing room.

Photo by Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 023

Carla during the second part of the catwalk.
Glasses: early 1990's blended myodiscs by Flair
[L: -13.00; c-1.00 v / R: -14.00]
The glasses are no less than eleven diopters above her own
precription. Carla made no use of GOC, doing the catwalk
on radar and a lot of self confidence!

Photo by Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 022

Farishta during the second part of the catwalk.
Glasses: Christian Dior, early 1980's, from Bavaria
[L: -5.50; c-0.50 v / R: -6.00; c-0.50 v]

Photo by Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 021

Astrid during the second part of the catwalk.
Glasses: Bausch & Lomb, late 1960's bifocals, from Ireland
[L=R: +1.25 / bif add 1.75]

Photo: Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 020

Nel dancing the salsa during the second part of the catwalk.
Glasses: Christian Olivier, Formlenti myodiscs
[L: -8.50; c-1.50 v / R: -10.00; c-1.50 v]

Photo by Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 019

Mieke during the first part of the catwalk.
Glasses: Minerva, late 1950's
[L=R: -5.00]

Photo by Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 018

Mirjam during the first part of the catwalk.
Glasses: mid 1970's varifocals by Christian Dior
[L: +0.50 / R: -2.00; c-1.00 o / var add 1.75]

Photo by Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 017

Irma during the first part of the catwalk.
Glasses: Lozza [Ellabella], 1980's
[L: -0.75 / R: -0.75; c-0.50 v]

Photo by Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 016

Astrid during the first part of the catwalk.
Glasses: Amanda Design, UK
[L: -1.25 / R: -1.25; c-1.00 o]
The glasses were kindly donated by a glasses
collector from London

Photo: Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 015

Catwalk, first part: Nel in blended myodiscs from Germany
[L: -11.50; c-1.00 v / R: -12.00; c-1.00 h]

Photo: Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 014

Brigitta during the first part of the catwalk.

Glasses: Donna
[L=R: -3.25]

Photo: Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 013

First part of the catwalk: Carla in 1980's varifocals
by Christian Dior, kindly supplied by Apollo Optik
in Rosenheim, Germany
[L: -3.00 / R: -3.25 / var add 1.00]

Photo by Quin Hoogers

Opening exhibition 012

Hiska in the "Snowy Princess" myodiscs (Rx -25) during
the introduction talk

Photo: Quin Hoogers

vrijdag 5 november 2010

Update Nov. 29th, 2010

Dear followers and viewers,

thanks to all of you for the many positive reactions received over the past year. Your support has been invaluable for the continuity of the project.

This weblog (over 177.000 page views) has now nearly reached its full capacity (99.5%). If more photos of the opening of the exhibition arrive, I will post them here.

The work on the video of the exhibtion is nearly finished, except for the subtitles in English.
The video will be just over 28 minutes in duration. Eleven minutes introduction by Hiska and me (but with several fragments showing ten models in glasses), followed by a quarter of an hour covering the catwalk, and finishing with flowers and a brief word of thanks by Nel on behalf of the ten catwalk models.

Nine catwalk models can be seen in my photo shoots in the present weblog: Nel, Irma, Brigitta, Mieke, Nanda, Hiska, Farishta, Astrid and Carla. Model nr 10, Mirjam, was sub for both Gita and Marleen who (at the last moment) could not make it to the opening.

Some thirty to forty glasses can be seen in the video, including three pairs of myodiscs that were actually used during the catwalk, without GOC (Glasses Over Contacts).

Viewers who followed my entire weblog will recognize some familiar faces in the audience. Four models (Conny, Tineke, Rachel and Charlotte) attended the opening without participating in the catwalk.

Inserting the English subtitles is the final job, starting on Thursday. The video may be posted at You Tube. I will update here when the video is posted.

It is my intention to start a new weblog soon. I will update here when the new weblog starts.

Nel 361

This beautiful portrait of Nel in her Zenka glasses
concludes her new photo shoot which is in fact a
series of four photo shoots.

Dear Nel, you are hereby appointed First Lady of this
weblog and also patron of the entire project.

It all really started with you when we did a short
photo shoot in glasses from my collection, just for fun.
Another photo shoot followed after you changed your
hair colour (by mistake :). All of a sudden I recognized
the potential of using my entire glasses collection for
photo shoots, but this implied a search for other models.

I felt shy when I shared this idea but you reacted great.
No suspicion, no jealousy. Immediately you suggested
names of ladies in the know that might be interested.

The ball started rolling. This website was opened and
soon it included your third photo shoot featuring all the
clips on your Zenka glasses. When the arrangements
for the exposition were made you did the suggestion
to add a catwalk to the opening of the exposition. The
catwalk contributed to the success of the exposition and
the media exposure. We really had a ball that day.

During the catwalk you performed in a delightful, lively,
self confident way. The same goes for your excellent
modeling on this weblog. The funny thing is that you had
some previous catwalk experience but you never thought
of yourself in terms of a model. However, an open mind is
a cornerstone under your character, so you gave it a try.

The whole project would not have occurred to me if it had
not been for you. The realisation of the project would have
been so much slower and more difficult without your ideas
and continuous support. So it's quite appropriate that this
weblog started with you and now it ends with you as well.

Dear Nel, I hope to be your photographer for umpteen
years to come. Thank you so much for all the inspiration,
encouragement, support - and many great photo shoots!

Nel 360

"From farm to school and rocky crest,
your ancient glasses put me to the test
My eyes now really need some rest
East, West....
my Zenka glasses are the best!"

Nel 359

Self confident - bordering to daring - posing by
Nel in her everyday - "different every day" -
Zenka glasses supplied by a very good optician
called Jekel

Nel 358

The new clip on the Zenka glasses is an elaborate
extension indeed. The lower part of the clip is a
lively blue and the rest of the clip is a thin brown
upper and sideways extension which influences
the overall aspect of the glasses in a subtle way

Nel 357

The sky is the limit - for Nel in her "new" glasses
and just as well for her court photographer who
enjoys the way she adjusts her glasses depending
on the mood and the clothes of the day

Nel 356

The extensions on the sides of the new clip
distract the attention from the cut in effect
of the lenses. An example of clever modern

Nel 355

In June Nel and I had our second anniversary
together and I presented her with this bright
blue clip on her Zenka glasses

Nel 354

Glasses: Zenka
[L: -10.50; c-1.50 v / R: -10.75; c-1.25 v / var add 2.25]

Nel 353

Nel posing in her spare glasses: bifocals by
Zenni and Stickonlens, Rx -11 / -12.
It's a pity that Zenni does not manufacture
progressive lenses above -10. Information
about online retailers selling Rx -12 varifocals
will be highly appreciated....

Nel 352

This is what Nel wrote in the guest book at the
opening of the exhibition:
"Catch your dreams before they slip away"
(Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday)

Nel 351

The warm burgundy couloir of the frame adds
a lot to these portraits of Nel posing in her spare
glasses by Zenni & Stickonlens

Nel 350

This beautiful portrait of Nel in Zenni bifocals
was selected for the exposition

Nel 349

Another comment written in the guest book at
the exposition goes like this: "Beautiful women,
each and every one of them, and in every pair
of glasses. Magic! I have been a girl in glasses
since I was twelve and now I am proud of it!".
The lady really hit the essence in her comment.
Whoever the lady was, she made my day.
When I told this to Nel she said, "well, isn't
that why you put all the effort into the project?"

Nel 348

One of the most beautiful Nel portraits ever!

Nel 347

Almost identical with the previous portrait.
Another favourite in this photo shoot!

Nel 346

My big bamboo in the background, my love in
the foreground, white shirt, brown hair, a bit of
sun tan, warm burgundy glasses - I like the blend
of colours in this portrait

Nel 345

During and after the exhibition I received many
reactions from people who came to see it. Many
can be classified as general praise but some keen
observers were more specific. A lady who loves
her -9 contacts and hates her glasses described
the general atmosphere of the 40 portraits in an
email: "quiet, bordering to serene". She did not
see this portrait of Nel but it has both qualities
in glorious plenty. It has to do with a level of
understanding between model and photographer

Nel 344

The reading segments by Stickonlens had to
be placed on the almost plano front of the lenses
to keep them stable. Sticking them on the back
side of the lenses would have been more esthetic
but not practical. At -11 the curve is too strong.

Nel 343

When Nel kindly gave me her Augusto Valenti
varifocals for my collection she had no spare
glasses in her actual Rx which is above the limit
of Zenni for varifocals and bifocals. To fill the gap
I ordered these beautiful Zenni glasses and then
got the reading segments from Stickonlens. It
was precision work to cut two decent half moons
and place them in the right horizontal and vertical
position but it worked. Nel prefers her varifocals
so she uses the Zenni bifocals only on rare occasions
but anyway, the spare glasses are there in case of
emergency - and photo shoots!

Nel 342

Glasses: Zenni 2294
Bifocal reading segments: Stickonlens
[L: -10.25; c-0.75 v / R: -10.50; c-1.50 v / bif add 2.50]

Nel 341

Nel always liked these Luxotica glasses better
than her next pair by Augusto Valenti so this
is a short reunion with the not too distant past

Nel 340

A beautiful portrait of Nel in the Luxotica glasses
she used until the mid 2000's

Nel 339

Some more portraits of Nel in one of her previous
glasses which she kindly donated to my collection

Nel 338

Photo shoot: July 3rd, 2010

Glasses: Luxotica, early 2000's
[L: -9.25; c-0.75 v / R: -9.50; c-0.50 v / var add 1.25]

Nel 337

More great posing by Nel under difficult conditions
on top of a slippery dolmen in glasses twice her Rx.
Another favourite from this photo shoot!

This lovely portrait of Nel in hat from Naples and Depai
myodiscs concludes our five part photo shoot in the
area where she was born. A wonderful experience!

Nel 336

Another fine portrait of Nel in Depai myodiscs
supplied by SGS from China. The frosted lenses
direct the attention of the viewer towards the
model's eyes, distracting from the extreme
strength of the lenses (Rx -22).

Nel 335

These Depai myodiscs with frosted lenses have
anti-reflective coating which greatly facilitates
my photo shoots. Several models have posed in
them to great effect and here Nel joins their ranks

Nel 334

Glasses: Depai, from SGS, China
[L=R: -22.00]

Nel 333

A great portrait of Nel posing in Xinchaoliu
myodiscs from Steve's Glasses Shop. Note the
absence of anti-reflective coating on the lenses.
This gives these portraits a touch of nostalgia
and even mystery

Nel 332

Glasses: Xinchaoliu, from SGS, China
[L=R: -24.00]

Nel 331

Another extreme but beautiful portrait of Nel
in myodiscs called the Snowy Princess. Work on
the video of the opening of my exhibition "Ladies
behind Crystal Veil" is in progress and the video
will feature one of my models wearing them

Nel 330

"SGS" Stephen baptized these giant myodiscs
the Snowy Princess. An extreme symphony in
black and white!

Nel 329

Glasses: Snowy Princess, from SGS, China
[L=R: -25.00]

Nel 328

Nel in giant hat and the strongest glasses in my
collection. The right lens kept steaming up but
needless to say that posing behind a veritable
wall of glass, Rx -27, gave little visual information