donderdag 10 februari 2011

New weblog: More Ladies behind Crystal Veil

The present weblog is nearly full so I recently installed a new weblog. So far, it contains two antique portraits of early 1900's ladies in glasses, one from Ireland, the other from Amsterdam, and a recent photo shoot with a new model. Karen is the 22th Lady behind Crystal Veil.
For the new weblog, click

Text in the present weblog will be adjusted if additional information about the glasses becomes available. Recently, the Silhouette company kindly supplied me with the year of manufacturing of 13 Silhouette glasses in my collection. This enabled me to put a year on most of my 100 Silhouette glasses. There is also additional information about some 1980's glasses by Cazal, seen in photo shoots of Brigitta, Carla, Rachel, Astrid and Hiska.
Needless to say, all portraits in the present weblog will remain available.

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