vrijdag 5 november 2010

Update Nov. 29th, 2010

Dear followers and viewers,

thanks to all of you for the many positive reactions received over the past year. Your support has been invaluable for the continuity of the project.

This weblog (over 177.000 page views) has now nearly reached its full capacity (99.5%). If more photos of the opening of the exhibition arrive, I will post them here.

The work on the video of the exhibtion is nearly finished, except for the subtitles in English.
The video will be just over 28 minutes in duration. Eleven minutes introduction by Hiska and me (but with several fragments showing ten models in glasses), followed by a quarter of an hour covering the catwalk, and finishing with flowers and a brief word of thanks by Nel on behalf of the ten catwalk models.

Nine catwalk models can be seen in my photo shoots in the present weblog: Nel, Irma, Brigitta, Mieke, Nanda, Hiska, Farishta, Astrid and Carla. Model nr 10, Mirjam, was sub for both Gita and Marleen who (at the last moment) could not make it to the opening.

Some thirty to forty glasses can be seen in the video, including three pairs of myodiscs that were actually used during the catwalk, without GOC (Glasses Over Contacts).

Viewers who followed my entire weblog will recognize some familiar faces in the audience. Four models (Conny, Tineke, Rachel and Charlotte) attended the opening without participating in the catwalk.

Inserting the English subtitles is the final job, starting on Thursday. The video may be posted at You Tube. I will update here when the video is posted.

It is my intention to start a new weblog soon. I will update here when the new weblog starts.

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