vrijdag 5 november 2010

Nel 361

This beautiful portrait of Nel in her Zenka glasses
concludes her new photo shoot which is in fact a
series of four photo shoots.

Dear Nel, you are hereby appointed First Lady of this
weblog and also patron of the entire project.

It all really started with you when we did a short
photo shoot in glasses from my collection, just for fun.
Another photo shoot followed after you changed your
hair colour (by mistake :). All of a sudden I recognized
the potential of using my entire glasses collection for
photo shoots, but this implied a search for other models.

I felt shy when I shared this idea but you reacted great.
No suspicion, no jealousy. Immediately you suggested
names of ladies in the know that might be interested.

The ball started rolling. This website was opened and
soon it included your third photo shoot featuring all the
clips on your Zenka glasses. When the arrangements
for the exposition were made you did the suggestion
to add a catwalk to the opening of the exposition. The
catwalk contributed to the success of the exposition and
the media exposure. We really had a ball that day.

During the catwalk you performed in a delightful, lively,
self confident way. The same goes for your excellent
modeling on this weblog. The funny thing is that you had
some previous catwalk experience but you never thought
of yourself in terms of a model. However, an open mind is
a cornerstone under your character, so you gave it a try.

The whole project would not have occurred to me if it had
not been for you. The realisation of the project would have
been so much slower and more difficult without your ideas
and continuous support. So it's quite appropriate that this
weblog started with you and now it ends with you as well.

Dear Nel, I hope to be your photographer for umpteen
years to come. Thank you so much for all the inspiration,
encouragement, support - and many great photo shoots!

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