zondag 12 september 2010

Marleen 210

Once again, Marleen kindly bends down her head
to show the position of the bowl. Here it reaches
all the way down, which must have been far more
comfortable for their first owner than her previous
pair of Lentilux glasses acquired perhaps a decade
Viewers may wonder if a photo shoot like this is an
exhausting job for the model. The answer is: speed
and enough time for relaxation of the eyes after each
half dozen glasses or so. Marleen then put on her own
glasses for a short break, restoring her view.
Speed is crucial. The entire photo shoot with Marleen
only took an hour and a half, including rests and the
continuous switching of glasses. All in all, we used some
forty pairs, each of which rested on the model's nose
for half a minute, or one minute at most

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