woensdag 24 maart 2010

Conny 185

Conny in recently acquired lenticular glasses
from Germany. Their Rx is considerably stronger
than the preceding myodiscs and as a result, the
effects of the Lentilux system are more prominent
in these portraits. This goes especially for the half
moon and the abrupt transition near the model's
right cheek.

A question I asked myself several times during my
photo shoots is about esthetics in myodisc portraits:
where is the limit between beauty and a freak show?

I admire the art work of Stephan and Sandra from
Augsburg ("Planet Myopia") and the open hearted
way Sandra talks about her change in attitude towards
wearing myodiscs in everyday life. She emphasizes
that it's not the amount of diopters that counts, but
self confidence. And I do beleive she is right! Even
in the -20 to -25 range, many of her portraits are
quite attractive and she may be called a role model
- or ambassador- for other extreme myopic ladies

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